Decoding Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning

Carpets are generally installed in front of houses and hotels. A properly maintained carpet has the potential to augment the aesthetics of a residential as well as commercial space.

Needs for Carpet Maintenance :

If not maintained properly carpets can become a repository of dirt, dust, fungi, molds and a variety of microorganisms. Thus, apart from being visually repulsive, these carpets can significantly enhance pollution levels and decrease indoor air quality. Sometimes unclean carpets can be a key reason for a host of health issues which mostly include respiratory and thoracic diseases.

Therefore periodic carpet maintenance is a mandatory operation that should be essentially performed in houses and hotels. Carpet cleaning is of utmost importance to maintain good hygiene levels and for preserving indoor air quality.

Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning :

Encapsulation Cleaning is a specialized form of carpet maintenance which has been solely designed for commercial purposes. 

Encapsulation Cleaning is termed as an intermediate carpet maintenance method. The process of Encapsulation Cleaning involves the spraying of the encapsulating or encasing chemical onto and then brushed into the carpet with the help of a cylindrical or rotary brush machine or bonnet. The chemical composition of the enveloping compound is such that it cocoons around each soil and dust particles and crystallizes them so that other adjoining dirt and dust particles don’t attract them. The encapsulated soil and dirt particles are released from the carpet fibers and finally, they are extracted using normal vacuuming procedures. These are done by janitors and staff employed in cleaning at regular intervals.

The convenience furnished by the system of encapsulation cleaning lies in the fact that they can be immediately put back to use because of its inherent low-moisture nature.. This method is especially useful for commercial cleaning purposes and hence facilitates the maintenance companies to provide recurring levels of extremely appealing appearance at an appreciably lower cost. The high levels of productivity associated with such a modest price is also a huge bonus. After every two-three times encapsulation cleaning is employed, there should be a systemic extraction procedure using hot water.

Encapsulation Cleaning Procedure :

Encapsulation Cleaning has been designed specifically for commercial carpet maintenance operations. Hence it is quite detailed and the constituent processes can be summarized below.

  • At the initial stage, the carpet is meticulously vacuumed to remove any bits of dry soil or dirt. 
  • An encapsulating chemical should be purchased and it should be diluted according to the instructions provided. A pump-up sprayer could be used for this part of the process.
  • Once diluted following the instructions, the encapsulating chemical is allowed to rest for an average duration of ten to fifteen minutes.
  • A bonnet machine, grooming brush or cylindrical brush machine can be employed to spread the encapsulant over the surface of the carpet.
  • After the carpet becomes dry, the carpet owner is advised to carry out a repeated number of vacuuming operations. These will ensure the removal of all the encapsulated debris and dust.

Features of the Encapsulant :  

  • The encapsulating chemical or the encapsulant boasts of sophisticated chemical composition. Its unique and improved formula helps it to target all the soil, debris, dirt and dust that might be residing in a carpet.
  • The latest technology employed in the manufacture of the encapsulant emulsifies and encapsulates the soil or debris and removes it with ease.
  • This kind of encapsulant is safe to work on wool and upholstery and won’t damage them.
  • The high pH value ensures the protection against any acidic activity.
  • This kind of encapsulant is safe to use on stain-resistant carpets. 

These are the basic principles of the Encapsulation Cleaning method of carpet maintenance and should be followed rigorously in order to ensure cleanliness, hygiene, and life of a carpet.

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