Handy Tips For Office Floor Cleaning

In the corporate sector, each and every things counts and observed from your appearance to the interior decor of the building. Companies spend a lot of money to make an attractive and beautiful infrastructure for their organization.

The maintenance of this infrastructure shows the level of standard that company posses. One of the aspects of this infrastructure is the floor that indirectly catches the attention of the visitor. So it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and the hygiene of the floor.

Dust particles can easily be trapped in the carpeted floor and the hard surfaces would look scuffed if they are not cleaned properly. Permanent and temporary stains can also degrade the image of an organization.

If your company’s floor is facing a lot of traffic throughout the day so here are some tips that can help you out to maintain the cleanliness and the properties of the floor:

1.Regular Cleaning

Routine cleaning should be adopted to ensure the long life of the floor. Cleaning schedule should be fixed that how many times cleaning should be done. The areas where high traffic occurs such as at the entrance gate and at the loobies the cleaning should be done in the intervals of hours to maintain hygiene.

Use right cleaning tools and disinfectants to maintain the shine of the floor.

Disinfectants should be used to reduce disease-causing germs at your workplace also but do take care of the amount of disinfectant that you are using because the chemical from which it is made can be hazardous for the health.

The different areas o the office might have different types of floors so the cleaning should be done according to it. Fine dust particles can easily trap themselves in carpeted floor. It should be removed properly with the help of vacuum cleaner. You have to pay more attention to the soft surfaces and vacuum it well.

You can easily vacuum the soft surfaces but what about hard surfaces? It also needs to be clean properly, for the same wipe out the dust particles trapped at the hard surface during construction.

Dry dusting is the safest alternative that removes particles without damaging the surface.

Other then this Damp Cloth can also be used to wipe out the surface.

2. Use Mats and Rugs

You can place a mat in the high traffic areas that will prevent the floor.

The mat will catch all the dust and protect the floor from scratches. On this, the employees can also wipe off their shoes before entering the office. Clean that mats and rugs at least once in a month.

3.Deep Cleaning

Cleaning on the regular basis will maintain the floors but deep cleaning should be done at least once a year. It will increase the lifespan of the floor and implemented according to the cleanliness protocols that use the best possible cleaning methods.

Office floors have to be ultra clean, if they are clean then your entire office will attract less dust and dirt. Thus enhancing the clean aura of the office and providing for better workplace experience.

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