Importance of the carpet care and maintenance programs : Spot vacuuming

The installation of a carpet in a residential or a commercial premise is primarily done to boost the appearance of the space and uplift the overall facility image of the premise; while proving to be a significant investment in itself. Thus there is utmost need to employ a carpet care regime and a carpet maintenance program. This is because of the fact that though the carpets are used for beautification purposes, they might prove to be extremely detrimental for human and animal health if not taken care of. Carpets might develop into repositories of dirt and dust and might be breeding grounds of objectionable pathogenic substances and allergens as well as microbes, mold and mildew. 

Importance of the carpet care and maintenance programs :

The importance of following a strict carpet care and maintenance program is manifold and could be either done by self or by employing professional carpet cleaning and maintenance services. The added advantages of an effective carpet cleaning and maintenance program can be discussed below. 

  • Carpet care and maintenance programs allow for the healthy usage of space and materials.
  • A proper carpet care regime maintains the value of the property and reduces the depreciation rate. 
  • This would also contribute significantly to personal security, comfort and productivity.
  • This also results in augmenting the aesthetics of the premises.
  • Proper carpet maintenance encourages topophilia.
  • A foolproof carpet maintenance program amplifies the sense of well being and good health.
  • Proper carpet maintenance routine also manages wastes and hazards and considerably contributes to the environment and its conservation. 
  • A good carpet care routine ensures sanitation by reducing adverse exposure levels. 
  • It also reduces risks and prevents crises. 

Spot vacuuming :

Spot vacuuming is an integral operation of carpet cleaning and maintenance. As the vacuuming frequencies decrease in residential and commercial spaces, there should be an increased emphasis on spot vacuuming operations. 

Spot vacuuming deals with the vacuuming operation in areas that encounter a high quantity of foot traffic. Spot vacuuming operations deal with employing vacuum cleaning machines or cleaners on the residual soil particles which are left on the carpet by the trailing feet of people. Without employing water, steam or moisture-based techniques, spot vacuuming results in the decrement of the carpet spots and stains. The carpet might encounter soiling or wicking problems where moisture extraction is of utmost essence. After moisture extraction is done properly, spot vacuuming might be employed to get rid of the residual particles which might have been left atop the carpet fibres and the carpet surface or have percolated through the carpet layers. 

How can spot vacuuming result in decreased maintenance costs :

Wall to wall vacuuming operations witnessed a major decline in commercial organisations and premises during the huge recession where companies tried to minimise their maintenance costs. Developing schedules for detailed vacuuming operations is of extreme importance.

However, if that is not possible, then the overall air quality, as well as the health and sanctity of the premises might decrease considerably. Spot vacuuming operations on high traffic areas and specific regions on the carpets which have encountered adamant stains could result in a major decrease in the carpet maintenance costs. Along with that, there is the added advantage of amplifying the durability of the carpet because spot vacuuming is devoid of any moisture which is inherently considered to be the bane for carpets. 

Therefore, residential premises, as well as commercial ones, which are concerned with reduction of their carpet care and maintenance costs, can invest in spot vacuuming operations. Although it is highly advisable to do the same using carpet care professionals and cleaning services of repute because of the high quality of equipment that they use in similar operations.

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