Is your carpet clean enough?

Carpet is usually used for flooring at your workplaces, so it is mandatory to ensure that it is hygienic or not. Carpets do add to the beauty of the space. It adds a hint of luxury and sophistication. There are no second thoughts about it. However, they do face some serious trauma. By trauma we mean wear and tear through regular use. Carpets get spoiled with stains, decoloring, fading and facing heavy traffic. All this leads to damage, and this damage often leads to the replacement of the carpet.

Did you know that carpets that don’t receive regular professional carpet cleaning can ultimately end up in a bad state?

Keeping your carpets clean is important for many reasons. The look, the smell, and your health are all reasons for keeping them clean.

Carpets attract greasy residue and dirt
If you have an office which has heavy traffic and smokers in the vicinity. Then chances are that your carpets will be exposed to tar and other dirt. This residue attracts and “locks-in” dirt to your carpet fibers. With the passage of time, this dirt can actually change the color of your carpet and can be compounded. If left this can lead to unsightly traffic lanes and can become permanent.

What can be the possible ways that can diminish the shine of your carpet floor?

1. Sandy soil particles can be trapped easily inside it.

We usually consider the large sandy particles but might neglect the fine particles that can’t be removed by a vacuum cleaner. These fine particles are not clearly visible.

2. The dust particle can create respiratory problems due to air pollutants.

Once the carpet trapping capability gets full then it no longer traps the harmful dust particles. So to avoid this kind of situation, regular professional carpet cleaning should be done.

3. Respiratory problems

Respiratory problems such as asthma, eczema can face lots of problems because carpets are full of dust particles. People generally consult with doctors to find a solution for this but forget to see that the problem is just under their feet. Dirty carpets can lead to serious health issues.

4. The weight of the carpets get increased

All the dust particles got trapped inside it due to which it becomes heavier and thus it becomes difficult to clean it To avoid this condition, the regular cleaning of the carpet should be done at least twice each week.It is better to hire professionals for the same that will make sure that all the allergens are removed properly from the carpet fibers.

5.Bacteria contamination

People can eat food and all the bacterias can be spread through the dirty carpet to your stomach. That can make you ill.

6. Avoid use of footwear on the carpet

Carpet already face lots of foot traffic throughout the day and if people will walk on it while wearing their footwear then the dust particles will be trapped inside it due to the contact between footwear and carpets, because of which it will become a difficult task for a vacuum cleaner to remove those dust particles.

People also prefer to cover the stains of the carpet by putting furniture over it, but it is not a reliable solution. If you find any kind of stains and spots on the carpet then clean it immediately with the help of required chemical or brush.

7. The Norovirus

Norwalk virus can be spread because of the dirty carpet and cause food poisoning and stomach flu.

8.Regular Cleaning

Routine cleaning should be adopted to ensure the long life of the floor. Cleaning schedule should be fixed that how many times cleaning should be done. The areas where high traffic occurs such as at the entrance gate and at the loobies the cleaning should be done in the intervals of hours to maintain hygiene.

Use right cleaning tools and disinfectants to maintain the shine of the floor.

Disinfectants should be used to reduce disease-causing germs at your place also but do take care of the amount of disinfectant that you are using because the chemical from which it is made can be hazardous for the health. The different areas of your place might have different types of floors so the cleaning should be done according to it. Fine dust particles can easily trap themselves in carpeted floor. It should be removed properly with the help of vacuum cleaner.

How often should you have your carpets cleaned?

Vacuuming is not only enough to maintain its hygiene you should also use cleaning mechanism as per the need such as carpet encapsulation, carpet injection cleaning or deep cleaning.

Cleaning on the regular basis will maintain the floors but deep cleaning should be done at least once a year. It will increase the lifespan of the floor and implemented according to the cleanliness protocols that use the best possible cleaning methods.

Office floors have to be ultra clean, if they are clean then your entire office will attract less dust and dirt. Thus enhancing the clean aura of the office and providing for better workplace experience.

What professional carpet cleaners can do for you?

Professional cleaners can assure you that your carpet will not be responsible for health issues and gives a fresh and hygienic look to your carpet floor and prevent it from damaging.

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