Where is encapsulation cleaning most effective?

Carpet encapsulation cleaning is perhaps the most efficient carpet cleaning methods ever. Carpets are beautiful things. They really add an aura of luxury to our offices and homes. In domestic settings things are still manageable as the volume of traffic is negligible. However in an office setting, things do change completely. You would be surprised to know that carpets actually attract a lots dirt and dust. In fact they are one of the most filthy aesthetic asset that you can have in your office.

This brings us to the vital question how to get your office carpets squeaky clean. Well the answer is carpet encapsulation.

Let us understand  what exactly it is?

In carpet encapsulation a solution is applied to the carpet. This application can be done by many methods, a rotary machine can be used, CRB counter rotating brush can be used, applicator brush can be used and even a compression sprayer may be used. The method used for application is not really of much importance, but the vital thing here is that the solution or the liquid should be soaked well in the carpet. It should reach really deep.

The solution contains the cleaning compound, this compound interacts with the dirt in the  carpet and crystallizes. So, basically what has happened here is, the liquid reacts with dirt and takes form of solid. This solid can now be vacuumed to get a really clean carpet.

This method of cleaning is really popular for cleaning carpets which are subjected to really high traffic. Since in this method there is no dry time involved, like in case of carpet shampoo cleaning. This method can be used quickly to clean carpets in places where regular work cannot be disrupted. In most of the cases carpet can be cleaned within an hour. As a bonus since the carpet it never wet hence it also gets a prolonged serviceable life.

This cleaning method is also pretty cheap as minimal equipment is required to get the work done. Also the training time for the operator is pretty decent hence the carpet cleaning company can provide the services at competitive price point.

Where is encapsulation cleaning most effective?

The encapsulation cleaning is more effective in commercial, high traffic environments, partly because it is a rapid cleaning process with minimum downtime, but more importantly, because the effectiveness of the solution is dependent on factors including how much soil (either visible or invisible) is in the carpet, and the carpet type itself. For home use, often carpets are of a different design, thickness, and function to commercial spaces, so the encapsulation cleaning method can be less effective.

Impact of  a good encapsulation product from a bad one

Although it does not concern the end user, if the encapsulation cleaning is being done by professional cleaners. Still for sake of knowledge of our readers, we would tell you this very clearly. The quality of solution used for this cleaning technique really matters. The solution used is the single most important determining factor of the quality of cleaning operation. A simple test which can be done by anyone for judging the quality of encapsulation solution is by taking a few drops of it and leaving it on a dish. Leave this overnight. If there are clear crystals formed by morning then it’s a good quality solution if it’s still sticky and in liquid like form then it’s not so good.

In our frank opinion always go for encapsulation cleaning with a well reputed professional cleaner. They will get the work done on time and in the right way.

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