Why vacuuming is not enough for a really clean carpet?

Every office in India now has a housekeeping team equipped with a vacuum cleaner. It’s a beautiful device which really helps the housekeepers keep the area clean. Most of the places it really serves the purpose well. The problem arises when a vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning the carpets. One might assert that vacuuming the office carpets daily keeps them really clean. The truth cannot be more distant in this school of thought. The fact is that regular vacuuming does help keep the carpet clean, but it is nowhere near to having a really clean carpet. Carpets can get really dirty. The worst part is that most of the time you would not even know that they are dirty. It’s only when big stains or odor comes from the carpet is when one seeks professional help. Carpets need to be sanitized and cleaned by professional carpet cleaners every 6 months at least.

Why Professionals?

Using a vacuum cleaner on carpets only removes dust and dirt from the surface. This is only superficial cleaning as every person that steps on the carpet, grinds the dirt even deeper into the carpet. This dirt and dust resides deep in the fibers of the carpet and cannot be removed by vacuum cleaning. This wears out the carpet faster. Not to mention dirty carpets are also home to allergy-causing agents. Steam cleaning the carpets is the only viable option to extend the life of your carpet and keep it fresh for longer.

It’s not just the dirt?

Everyone knows the level of pollution in India. The air is polluted and the soil is polluted. People walk on the roads and they are exposed to the air. This makes the suspended pollutants get attached to clothes and shoes. People carry all this filth right on to office carpets. Carpets by nature of their design collect such hazardous matters in them. Health problem like allergies, asthma, emphysema, or other breathing problems, dirty carpets can become a trigger for these health issues. Vacuuming alone cannot get rid of these pathogens from the carpets. For really healthy carpet professional services are a must.


In the regular course of work, liquids do get spilled on the carpets. Using a vacuum cleaner on stains can be disastrous but this what the first reaction of most of the people is. Vacuuming a stain is only going to make it worse. The only solution is to call the professionals. One more reason which establishes the fact that vacuum cleaning is not the holy grail of carpet cleaning.


Carpets do add a hint of luxury to our offices. They really help in making a place look grand. But with carpets comes responsibilities. Carpets are dirtier than they look. If not cleaned professionally they can cause serious health issues for your office dwellers. Nobody wants an unhealthy work atmosphere. Be sure to be with the right people for your carpet cleaning needs.

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