Tips For A Cleaner Carpet

Keeping carpets clean is not that difficult. You just have to stay disciplined and conduct some routine cleaning. Just read the pointers below and rest assured that you would have a really clean and well maintained carpet.

Use Vacuum Cleaner Properly

Vacuuming will always be a good habit. Regular and proper vacuuming can really help keep the carpets really clean. However, there are certain things which should always be followed while vacuuming the carpets. The number of repetitions will make all the difference. Swipe the carpets many times with the vacuum cleaner. Use the crevice attachments very professionally to remove the dust and dirt from hard to get spaces. One more thing to be aware of. Ensure that the dust collection bag is never more than half full. Anything more than that will reduce the working efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Remember it’s not a race, please take proper time to vacuum the carpet properly.

Add an Extra Layer of Protection

Always cover the high traffic areas with added carpeting layer. This will act as protectant for the outer layer or the real carpet. It really helps in spaces where wall to wall carpeting is done. This extra layer of protection is also termed as area rugs. Area rugs apart from offering protection are also instrumental in enhancing the beauty of the carpeted surface. Using them wisely helps greatly in keeping the carpets clean.

In case of spills

When things get spilled on carpet, then the reaction time is everything. Be quick in managing the spill. The longer you wait the more dire the situation might become. Hence act quickly. Trust our experience on this, carpet spills if taken care on time are nothing to worry about. However, we would also mention that the extent of spill damage will highly depend upon the nature of liquid that has been spilled. Some of them might require professional carpet cleaners to take reins of the situation.

Wipe your Feet

Take your shoes off at the door. Any dirt trapped in the sole of your shoes will be ground into the fibers of your carpet. Your shoes can also be very abrasive and breakdown the surface. Furthermore, shoes pick up all sorts of different substances that you certainly don’t want in your home and stuck in your carpet.

Use stain resistant products

No surface is truly stain resistant, but some products can help you clean up messes a bit easier. Some carpets are created to be stain resistant, but that factory protection diminishes over time and especially in the traffic areas. There are also protectants, which can be applied to all carpets at any time. for regular carpets. Carpet protectors like 3M Scotchgard help prevent dirt and liquids from absorbing into the fibers as quickly. It can also prevent fading from sunlight. This is a good option to help you prevent long term damage to your carpet. Just for information we are authorized 3M Scotchgard applicators. In case you need help with this, feel free to contact us.

Install curtains

We are in the midst of a hot summer, and the sunlight can do more than just warm up your house. The carpet may be your favorite color, but those UV rays can cause it to fade in splotchy areas around your windows. Install curtains that block the sunlight during the morning and evening hours to protect the surface from direct light. You can also use window tinting that blocks any UV rays.

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