Why a workplace should have clean carpets

Business will only flourish when you work hard. A business is built and run by teams, those teams should be healthy and happy. Occupational health hazard is a big issue and most of the companies in India are now taking it very seriously. However there is one health hazard which every company ignores. In Fact we are sure most of the people are even not aware that it exists and poses a threat. It’s the carpet. It needs to look clean be clean. Most of the time companies might get a feeling that professional carpet cleaning is an additional expense. Trust us once you are done reading this blog post you would never feel that professional carpet cleaning is a burden.

A dirty carpet in workplace can lead to the following:

Respiratory Illness

A study conducted by Kuopio Regional Institute of Occupational Health identifies volatile compounds found in filthy carpets as a definitive cause of asthma for people who don’t have the disease yet.”
Carpets are known to harbour germs and bacteria. If the carpets are not clean, then there is a fair chance that people in your office are breathing pathogens. The fact is that germs and pathogens get kind of propagated through the surface of the carpet. If left unchecked over a short period of time people will start getting breathing problems, asthma and other serious infections. Result, more sick leaves. More mediclaims, loss of productivity. In short, its pure loss of money.

Skin Irritation

Dirty carpets are home to fungi and moulds. When a human body and skin comes in touch with mold and fungus in the carpet, a lot can go wrong. Skin irritation is the first sign, however things can get really bad and lead to some serious health issues. One more reason to get your carpet cleaned professionally.


Dirty carpets are breeding ground for dust mites. Dust mites are really bad creatures. They are microscopic and one can easily breathe them in. It would all start with a simple sneeze and then even might lead to serious issues like anaphylactic shock. Dust mites cannot be taken care of by regular cleaning. One would definitely require the services of a professional carpet cleaner for getting rid of dust mites.  

Higher Stress Levels

It’s a known fact that prolonged exposure to dirty and unhealthy environments puts undue mental stress on the workforce. Mental stress amounts to fatigue and lack of focus. Now where does this all lead to. Diminished productivity and low profits. Therefore getting carpets cleaned professionally is a must thing to do.




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