Things to Do Before Professional Carpet Cleaners Arrive

Carpets are really great thing to have in your offices and homes. However everyone of us knows that keeping them clean is really a burden. Carpets look good, but they are a beast when it comes to cleaning them yourself. Some things are better left to professionals and carpet cleaning is one such thing.

How to prepare your place for professional carpet cleaning?

Preparation is everything in life, whatever one does he has to be prepared. Same goes for carpet cleaning. If the homework is done properly both at the companies end and at the clients end then professional carpet cleaners can really create a wow effect at your property.

Here are little things which every person calling professional carpet cleaners must do!

Vacuuming the place

Its always a good idea to provide a proper canvas for carpet cleaners.Vacuuming the place and the carpet before hand, provides for an efficient workplace. Make sure that you take this opportunity to clean your HVAC vents too as they too contribute to the dust and dirt that might fall on your carpet. Cleaning dust before carpet cleaning also ensures that your freshly cleaned carpet remains clean for a longer time.

Remove valuable & Fragile items

Goes without saying, but still as a reminder. Before the carpet cleaners arrive be sure that all your fragile and valuable items are stored securely. Professional carpet cleaning requires machinery and movement. Although cleaners are careful but still for the sake of safety it is always advisable to keep away things which can break.This greatly helps the carpet cleaning team in working with a free mind.

Move Furniture

This is specially advised for those places where wall to wall carpeting is installed. However, it is a nice thing to do under every scenario. Removing furniture before hand gives ample space and freedom to the carpet cleaning crew. They can get the job done in a more efficient manner.Having a spacious area means that carpet cleaners would also have ample space to clean even the dirtiest of the carpets.

Arrange for parking space

Might sound a little bit odd here, but professional carpet cleaning equipment and crew are generally carried in a van. Make sure that your building has a convenient parking spot from where the equipment can be transported to your facility. This is vital as the machinery used for carpet cleaning at times could be quite heavy. So, even the smallest of details like having a proper parking spot helps.

Do your homework for the work!

Before the carpet cleaners arrive, please do an inspection of your carpet. Make sure you know the problem areas of the carpets, like spots and stains beforehand. This will help the carpet cleaners understand the task in hand in a better manner and will also help you in deriving the most out of your professional carpet cleaning experience.

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