Things to do for cleaner carpets

Being one of the best professional carpet cleaners out there, we know the value of having spotless and clean carpets at your homes and office. Cleaning carpets is not everyone’s bread and butter. Don’t believe us, try cleaning a carpet yourself. You would get a fair idea about what we are talking here.

For a common man the only way to clean carpets in India is by washing it. If we mention this in the international circuits people would be really shocked. The reason for that is the fact that washing carpets with household cleaning agents and plain water is a sure shot way to destroy its life and value. Yes washing carpet is physically demanding too. Just wet a carpet and try to lift it. Chances are that you won’t even be able to lift it all by yourself. It becomes so heavy and unmanageable, just be the judge yourself, will you be able to clean it properly. Is it worth the effort and time.

Well, the blunt truth here is that for having really clean carpets you really need help of professional carpet cleaners in India. We are giving here some pointers which every carpet owner can use to have prevent soiling of carpets.

1. Door Mats

Whether you are a home or a big office. Best way to avoid soil and dirt coming into your carpets and office are using door mats. Yes doormats do help a lot, provided they are used strategically. Place them both outside and inside your main entrance which lead to the carpeted area. You will notice the difference yourself. Here the quality of doormats is important, make sure they have bristles which can effectively dust the shoe surface.

2. Dust Filters 

Believe it or not, dust filters and air quality improvement products like HEPA filters are also carpet friendly. They really help in keeping the carpets clean as they effectively filter the visible particulates in the air. Hence when there will be less dust in the air there would be less dirt on the carpet too.

3. Vacuum Cleaning

Not that much effective for professional cleaning, however vacuuming the carpets is a great maintenance technique. Regular vacuuming takes care of superficially present dirt and dust. This is a great long term carpet maintenance strategy.

4. Spot Cleaning

One should always have some type of carpet cleaning solution handy. Many good casual carpet cleaning solutions are available in the market, just keep one handy as you cannot call professional carpet cleaners every-time. Spills are the worst enemies of carpets. They should always be cleaned on the spot. The longer you ignore it, serious the damage becomes.

When to Call Professional Carpet Cleaners

The above mentioned pointers are meant for preventing heavy dirtying of the carpet. However it is always recommended to get your carpets cleaned professionally at least twice a year. The frequency is highly subjective and would depend upon the traffic in your space. If the traffic is really high then you might even have to get your carpet cleaned once every 15 days. The best way out is to seek advice from professional carpet cleaners.

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