How Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning Works?

Carpet encapsulation cleaning technique encompasses use of polymer technology which once applied on the carpet attracts dirt and turns in to solid crystal. This is where from the name carpet encapsulation has emerged. The crystal is the vehicle that enables a good encapsulator to capture soil so it can be extracted through post-vacuuming. Although some products may claim to “encapsulate” on the label and they may get the carpet to look good initially, (it’s easy to get a carpet to look cleaner) the real concern should be whether or not the encapsulated soil can be removed with post-vacuuming.

Now those of us who are not professional carpet cleaners and have no or little knowledge about how things work. Here is a simple test which anyone can conduct to determine the quality of the liquid or encapsulation solution used for the job. Take a few drops of the product and place it in a bowl. Leave it overnight, check in the morning. If a perfect crystal is formed then its the right product that your company should be using. If it doesn’t or the liquid is googey and sticky then its an inferior quality product and you must not use it. As this product will most likely cling to the carpet and won’t get the job done perfectly.

#Pre-vacuuming is the first step

Whether using carpet encapsulation or any other method of carpet cleaning, the first step is always vacuuming. In professional terms this process is also called pre-vacuuming as it is done before the commencement of the encapsulation cleaning process. Carpet cleaning research indicates that almost 79% of the filth in the carpet is dry soil which is carried to the carpets from shoes and environment. Thats why removal of this dry soil is very important before application of the solution. Vacuuming is the preferred method of getting rid of the soil from carpet. It is also necessary to make the entire carpet encapsulation process more efficient.

In this process the professionals simply spray enough solution to make the carpet damp. However under no circumstances the  the pre-spray should be allowed to dry before the next steps of the cleaning are commenced. Allowing a few minutes of extra dwell time can help a really dirty carpet clean more easily. After allowing a few minutes of dwell time scrubbing of the carpet in the normal manner along with  dispensing the detergent through the solution tank is done.

#Scrubbing Equipment:

Any scrubber here meant for the job can be used. The only thing important to note is that the scrubbing should be done aggressively.

#Some Professional Tips

1. When approaching a spill stain – isolate the stain – thoroughly scrub the carpet surrounding the stain leaving the stain untouched.

2. Next aggressively scrub DRY PASSES on the spot. Criss-cross the scrubber back and forth over the stain. Scrub the stain continuously for a full minute or two. We don’t want to get the area wet with additional detergent. In this way, the spot is being aggressively cleaned with minimal moisture. This is not a totally dry scrub. Moisture is captured within the scrub pad from the surrounding area as the scrubber criss-crosses back and forth over the stain. However the moisture is being kept to an absolute minimum. By scrubbing for a full minute or two, the spill stain is receiving an EXTREMELY thorough scrubbing.

3. Prepare a spray bottle of liquid  for spill stain treatment. Mix up a spray bottle according to the directions on the label. This is an exceptionally effective spill stain remedy. After cleaning the spot thoroughly as described above, spray the spot with a few squirts of solution.

4. The final step is to make one more quick dry pass over the treated spot with the scrubber to work the concentrated liquid down into the fiber. Now the spot won’t return!


The crystallizing technology of  encapsulation products were designed so that the encapsulated soil could be extracted through routine post-vacuumings. Some have asked the best way to provide post-vacuuming.One great vacuuming, two good vacuumings, three average vacuumings, five fair vacuumings, or ten poor vacuumings – you get the picture, the encapsulated soil should eventually be removed. The carpet will continue to look good even before the micro-encapsulated soil-laden particles are vacuumed.

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