Best techniques for Deep Cleaning of carpets

Carpets are used to enhance the appearance and aesthetics of the indoor spaces where they are installed. But this might backfire if the carpet becomes soiled and grungy and loaded with dirt and dust due to immense foot traffic. At that moment, deep cleaning operations should be employed to clean the entire carpet. 

Deep Cleaning of carpets :

The name deep cleaning is deeply reflective of the procedural actions which are employed in this method. Deep cleaning functions helps to rid the carpet of all the dirt, dust and objectionable materials which remain stored inside the deepest reaches of the carpet. 

Vacuum cleaning removes the surface dust from the carpet. Carpet shampooing is also not a wholesome method as it maintains a tidy appearance, but with time, dust might accumulate and render the carpet unclean. Deep cleaning augments the process further. It actually washes the carpet fibres and removes the dirt and dust which is hidden deep inside the carpets. 

Tips to keep in mind while performing a deep cleaning of carpets :

  • Even if deep cleaning services are performed domestically by the people who own or maintain the carpet, it is advisable that professional assistance should be sought after a minimum interval of about 12 to 18 months. 
  • Often it is observed that those chemicals which are used as active ingredients of deep cleaning solutions torment people with chronic respiratory conditions and asthma. If anyone in the household is affected by these conditions, vinegar might be a good alternative. 

Processes to achieve deep cleaning of carpets : 

If a clean and fresh-smelling carpet is one that is desired, then hiring an expensive professional cleaning service is not always mandatory. Deep cleaning of carpets may be performed domestically by employing either the wet method or dry method. 

The preliminary process involves vacuuming and spot treatment of the carpet. A carpet cleaner should be used which can scrub the dirt off the carpet fibres by applying water and a special solution. A dry carpet solution which vacuums up the dirt is an alternative when drying is immediately required. 

The three major processes for deep cleaning of carpet involves the following.

  • Preparing the room for deep cleaning operations 
  • Employing a carpet cleaner 
  • Dry cleaning the carpet.

These processes may be elucidated below.

  • Preparing the room: This initial procedure involves picking up anything and everything that lies on the carpet surface including debris, visible amounts of trash and any other material. All furniture and installations should be removed from the carpet and placed somewhere else in the house. Vacuuming the entire carpet for removing the maximum amount of dirt and dust is an imperative prior to the deep cleaning operations. The next step involves the pretreatment of the stains. A carpet cleaning solution can be used by spraying it over the affected area and then left for almost half an hour and later blotted out using a damp cloth. If a spot cleaning solution is not available, then shaving cream might be used as an effective alternative. A spot cleaning solution can be manufactured domestically using proper proportions of salt, Borax and vinegar. Baking soda or washing soda can be used instead of Borax. 
  • Using a carpet cleaner: A carpet cleaning machine is one which employs a carpet cleaning solution and steam to deep clean the carpet. If deep cleaning can be employed biannually, then it is clever to invest in a carpet cleaning machine or it should be conveniently rented from relevant stores. The cleaner should be lightweight so that it can be easily transported even after addition of water. The cleaning solution and water should be first added to the machine and then it should be plugged in and deep cleaning will be initiated. Initially, a test spot should be chosen where the operation can be performed and noted if any discolouration appears and if it does, then that should be rejected. The process should start as far away from the door as possible and should be finished at the door so as to not retrace over the cleaned portion. Finally, the excess water mixed with chemicals should be disposed of effectively. 
  • Dry carpet cleaning solution: Dry carpet cleaning solutions are often commercially available materials which contain a detergent which is formulated to break down the dirt. The cleaning solution should be then sprinkled over the carpet and worked on the fibres and finally vacuuming should be employed to ensure that all residual dirt is removed. 

This is the best technique to employ deep cleaning efficiently.

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