Carpet care challenges that you wish you knew this winter

With the chilly cold air and shorter days, winter surely calls for more time indoors than the flamboyant summer. A sudden rise in foot traffic is seen in most shopping malls and such places that shoot issues like stains, damage, and such other woes for your carpet. The coldest months of the year give way to some typical problems with the carpet, but you can surely stave them off with these experts’ recommendations.

With the city decked up in flashy colors and festivities, many people return home in winter. This leads to a high range of people moving through the airport, hotels, shopping malls, retail stores, and other such business establishments. So, you just got to be ready to handle a huge variety of challenges pertaining to your carpet. Not taking proper care of this costly investment will not only damage it in the long run but also have a negative impact on the customer experience. So here goes a list of the common challenges and recommended solutions for them:

  1. Spillage: Accidents can happen at any point in time but winter is the time when you have a lot of soups and hot chocolate. And spillages can damage your carpet beyond what you can think. In such cases, a low moisture encapsulation process can be your carpet’s savior and it is much more effective compared to the hot water extraction method. It takes a lot less time and extends the time between cleanups while keeping the carpet fresh for longer.
  2. Increase in moisture levels: Water spillage is a commonplace incident and it eventually leads to an increase in moisture levels in your carpet. With the passage of time, it damages the carpet fibers and ruins it. The best thing you can do to avoid such a condition is keeping a matting underneath the carpet. Also, keeping doormats can effectively keep off the debris and moisture away from shoes and hold the moisture away from your pricey carpet.
  3. Staining from melting products: Carpets generally get affected with white spots in the colder months. This happens due to the accumulation of sand and salt in carpet fibers and takes a toll on their appearance. For combating these issues, you can vacuum clean the affected area with the help of a CRI affected vacuum cleaner. In the case of salt stains, you can clean the area with a pH balancing rinse.
  4. Mud stains: Many people have the habit of staining the carpet with their shoes and it leads to the formation of unsightly streaks and stains. For removing these stains, you should first allow the mud to dry off and then vacuum up the stain to the greatest extent possible. Using a spotting agent for blotting the residue is also suggested.

Just take note of the above-mentioned steps, and it will help a lot in keeping your office/workplace carpet in a better condition.

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