Monsoon Care For Carpets

With the onset of Monsoon in India, dampness reigns supreme within buildings and residential premises. The damp furniture and upholstery, the deposition of dirt on floors and carpets, the formation of molds and fungi – all these are potential indoor problems that might even dampen the moods of the residents.

Cleanliness and maintenance is a hassle during the rainy season. More so in the case of carpets. Monsoon might rid the people of the summertime discomfort and make them energetic; but the dust, mud, debris, wet footprints it brings along not only disturbs the appearance but is also tremendously unhygienic.

Carpets are inherently the breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens as well as bio-contaminants and even act as a repository to dirt, dust and grime. It becomes all the more difficult to clean carpets when the monsoon arrives with its associated filth.

The basic and the most effortless way for carpet care will be to avoid using the carpets during monsoon:

It is better to not use the luxurious carpeting during monsoon seasons. Bamboo or Coir mats may be used as an alternative. Still, the packing of the unused carpets should be done properly using plastic to prevent any inflow of moisture and also to protect it from probable leakages or damage.

Even if carpets are used, it should be borne in mind that heavy carpets have an arch nemesis in the rainy season. Molds might develop easily, the carpet stays wet mostly and develops musty smell. It is imperative that if carpets are at all used in monsoon, one should go for acrylic washable carpets which are light and dry faster. Another option is Eco-friendly carpets which also dry faster and require very less maintenance.

Now if carpets are to be used during the turbulent rainy season in any case, then a few specialized care tips should be adopted in order to maintain the carpets properly; even in adverse weather conditions.

Keeping windows shut: During the rainy season windows should ideally be kept closed. Water and moisture seeps on to the carpet through open windows, prompting the growth of fungi and molds on the damp carpet surface.

Maintaining a proper entrance: The entrance should be kept slip-free and clean, and should be covered with heavy-duty entryway mats and rugs that soak most of the water and dirt during the rainy season. Keeping natural fiber doormat before the entrance helps dry the shoes and ward off the mud that sticks to them.

Carpet cleaning using different means: During the rainy season; wet pets, muddy feet and humidity can wreak havoc to the carpets. Regular cleaning and mopping is essential. Along with this, there should be a routine of vacuuming the carpets regularly. Vacuuming removes stubborn dirt and dust whereas specialized steam vacuuming disintegrates mold, slime, fungi and other bio-contaminants that might have deposited on the carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning: A professional carpet cleaning agency should be hired who, being experts in this field, will use all the effective means to clean the carpets and also provide care and proper maintenance.

Cross ventilation: In order to keep the carpets dry and free from mold formation or dirt deposition, it should be ensured that the premises allow proper cross ventilation and that the fans are switched on and the rooms are airy and dry.

Usage of a Dehumidifier sucks the moisture from wet carpets and prevents them from becoming the breeding ground of molds and fungi.

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